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We are one of the few security NGOs that makes a measurable difference to the policy making of national governments and international organisations. Our commitment to developing and pursuing practical recommendations delivers growing real world results.

The European Leadership Network can provide journalists with expert advice and commentary on key international foreign, defence and security issues. For media advice or to speak to one of our experts or network members, call +44 (0)203 176 2550 or email [email protected].

The European Leadership Network work has been covered by a variety of media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg, The Economist, Die Welt, The Guardian, Politico, Newsweek, Deutsche Welle, Aftenposten, The Washington Post, among others.

Latest media coverage

Media coverage

New op-ed by Axel Hellman in Svenska Dagbladet

Ahead of the NATO summit in Brussels, ELN Policy Fellow Axel Hellman writes about the future of the transatlantic partnership and its prospects under President Trump.

11 July 2018