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Iran’s Hormuz Peace Endeavor and the future of Persian Gulf security

There is an opportunity for the Euro-Atlantic community to constructively engage with Iran and its neighbours in the wake of the COVID crisis. Although Iran’s HOPE initiative advances an intra-regional format, it may be insufficient in terms of the scope of military contacts and information exchange.

7 July 2020 | Nicole Grajewski
Global Security|Arms Control|Iran|Security
Media coverage

ELN holds global press call on Iran and the IAEA

Audio and transcript from the ELN global press call on Iran and the IAEA held on 19 June 2020, the day of the IAEA Board of Governors vote on a resolution in Vienna and E3 foreign ministers convening in Berlin.

20 June 2020
Global Security|Iran

The flawed logic of the French “nuclear warning”

Carrying out a “nuclear warning” – a non-repeatable strike intended to restore deterrence in case an adversary miscalculates – means the failure of deterrence. The very real consequence is escalation to a nuclear exchange.

15 June 2020 | Jean-Marie Collin
Global Security|Arms Control|France|Nuclear Arms Control|Nuclear Disarmament|Nuclear Security|Nuclear Weapons|Risk Reduction