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Evolving but not disappearing: Neutrality after the Cold War

The decline of neutrality in world politics has been proclaimed several times over the past century, most recently with Finland and Sweden’s decision to join NATO. Pascal Lottaz, co-editor of a new book assessing global developments in neutralism in the “Post-Cold War” period, writes that neutrality policies are still a staple of international politics and that a new international consensus on what neutrality means could help deescalate the current crisis in Europe.

15 November 2022 | Dr Pascal Lottaz

Bridging the Gap in Policy on Nuclear Weapons: A View from Japan

Hirofumi Tosaki, argues that Japan, like many other states under the U.S. ‘nuclear umbrella’, is wedged between two contradictory positions – that nuclear weapons must be eliminated as soon as possible and that nuclear weapons serve as the most effective way to deter war in an changing world.

10 August 2015 | Hirofumi Tosaki