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Group statement

APLN statement on COVID-19 and nuclear security

The COVID-19 global health and economic crises have exposed fundamental flaws and weaknesses in the institutions dealing with international peace and security – and the absence of effective political leadership to correct them.

16 June 2020
Nuclear Arms Control|Nuclear Security|Nuclear Weapons|Security|APLN

The flawed logic of the French “nuclear warning”

Carrying out a “nuclear warning” – a non-repeatable strike intended to restore deterrence in case an adversary miscalculates – means the failure of deterrence. The very real consequence is escalation to a nuclear exchange.

15 June 2020 | Jean-Marie Collin
Global Security|Arms Control|France|Nuclear Arms Control|Nuclear Disarmament|Nuclear Security|Nuclear Weapons|Risk Reduction

The P5 Process: National perspectives

This series from the ELN explores expert national viewpoints from the five nuclear-weapon states ahead of the NPT Review Conference.

11 June 2020
Global Security|NPT|Nuclear Arms Control|Nuclear Disarmament|Nuclear Security|Nuclear Weapons

Nuclear risks are laid bare by COVID-19

The state of nuclear normalcy and perceived safety and security states are working so hard to uphold is far more fragile than they are willing to admit.

11 June 2020 | Wilfred Wan
Global Security|Arms Control|Nuclear Arms Control|Nuclear Disarmament|Nuclear Security|Nuclear Weapons|Risk Reduction