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Beyond the Nuclear Threshold: Russia, NATO, and Nuclear First Use

In the first of a new ELN Issue Brief series on arms control, Dr Alexey Arbatov examines the evolving policies of Russia and NATO on the first use of nuclear weapons. Dr Arbatov’s brief goes beyond specific doctrinal points of concern, such as the concept of ‘escalating to de-escalate’ (the limited first use of nuclear weapons in […]

21 April 2017 | Alexei Arbatov
Euro-Atlantic Security|Deterrence|Military Doctrine|NATO|Nuclear Weapons|Russia|Russia-West Relations

US-Europe Security: Trump’s Nuclear Agenda

Ambassador Carlo Trezza, Senior Adviser of the Italian Institute for International Affairs and Coordinator of the Italian ELN group, argues that President Trump’s “top of the pack” approach to nuclear weapons establishes the premises for a new nuclear arms race, and discusses what the EU response should be.

15 March 2017 | Carlo Trezza
Global Security|NATO|Nuclear Arms Control|Nuclear Weapons|Transatlantic relations

The Challenges to the Ban Treaty

Dr Cronberg, member of the Executive Board of the ELN, argues that instead of focusing on the 2017 ban treaty negotiations, efforts should be channelled towards agreeing on a treaty prohibiting the development, manufacture, possession and use of nuclear weapons as verifiable international convention.

10 January 2017 | Tarja Cronberg
Global Security|Nuclear Disarmament|Nuclear Weapons

The Case for a Treaty Banning Nuclear Weapons

Professor Francesco Calogero discusses the case for a treaty banning nuclear weapons and argues that the transition to a nuclear-weapon-free-world should be jointly pursued by the US and Russia.

4 January 2017 | Francesco Calogero
Global Security|Nuclear Disarmament|Nuclear Weapons