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Florence Ferrando

Consultant at Forward Global

Florence has been a consultant at Forward Global since January 2018. She holds a Dual Master’s degree in International Relations from Jean Moulin Lyon 3 University, specialising in international security, defence, and economic intelligence. Her academic focus includes strategic areas such as cross-border cooperation, non-state threats, defence economics, and nuclear deterrence. 
Over the course of her academic career, Florence completed several internships across both the public sector and the private sector, including roles at the General Directorate of Armament – Technical Service of the Navy and Police Forces, and with notable experiences at MBDA and Safran in the aerospace industry.
Within Forward Global, Florence undertakes diverse missions for a range of public and private clients. Her responsibilities encompass various tasks, from conducting comprehensive analysis and managing stakeholders to providing essential support on project deliverables and overseeing major projects.
Most of her work revolves around the pivotal topic of digital transformation in the defence sector, as she worked continuously on cybersecurity and new technologies (Artificial Intelligence, virtualisation, Big Data, Cloud, Blockchain, IoT) with a focus on their applications in both industrial and public sectors.

Content by Florence Ferrando


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