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Alice Billon-Galland quoted on the front page of De Volkskrant

ELN Policy Fellow Alice Billon-Galland gave an interview to the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant about a possible European military operation in the Strait of Hormuz. See below the article on the front page of De Volkskrant.   Read a translated excerpt of the article below: Last...

20 August 2019
European Defence|EU|Europe|JCPOA|Transatlantic relations|YGLN

Increased US presence in Poland is a good deal for NATO

Contrary to criticism surrounding an increased number of US forces and related infrastructure in Poland, the latest agreement will strengthen deterrence on NATO’s eastern flank in line with NATO policies.

21 June 2019 | Artur Kacprzyk
European Defence|Defence|Eastern Europe|NATO|Poland|United States