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ELN Western Balkans Security Roundtable – Summary Note

On 27-28 June 2018, the European Leadership Network hosted a roundtable discussion in the UK House of Lords examining the political, security and economic conditions in the Western Balkans and how best to promote stability and democratic reform across the region. The meeting was co-chaired by Lord Browne of Ladyton and ELN member and former Albanian Defence Minister, Fatmir Mediu.

13 July 2018 | Denitsa Raynova
Euro-Atlantic Security|Balkans|Diplomacy|Eastern Europe|Economy|EU|Europe|Foreign policy|Macedonia|Turkey

Turkey’s Relations with NATO are Undergoing a Historic Trial

Growing tensions between Turkey and its allies, particularly the United States, is a growing source of concern. Is Turkey, once considered a staunch supporter of the Trans-Atlantic security community, drifting apart? ELN member and former Turkish Ambassador to the United Kingdom Ünal Çeviköz shares his views.

16 March 2018 | Ünal Çeviköz
Euro-Atlantic Security|EU|Middle East|NATO|Russia|Syria|Turkey

‘Nobody’s lake’: Securing the Black Sea

Raynova argues that NATO’s response to Russian actions in the Black Sea must balance responsiveness to the concerns of regional allies with proportionality and restraint.

4 July 2016 | Denitsa Raynova
Euro-Atlantic Security|Defence|NATO|Russia|Russia-West Relations|Turkey

Downing of a Russian Jet: Where do we go from here?

ELN Research Director, Lukasz Kulesa, and Research Fellow, Thomas Frear, outline three priorities in responding to the downing of a Russian jet by Turkish forces; establish the facts, de-escalate the crisis and urgently develop procedures to avoid another crisis.

25 November 2015 | Lukasz Kulesa and Thomas Frear
Euro-Atlantic Security|Air space|NATO|Russia|Syria|Turkey

The Middle East Challenges: a Turkish perspective

Ozdem Sandberk outlines the many problems faced by Turkey in its Middle Eastern neighbourhood, arguing that in such a fragmented region a military solution in Syria is not viable.

23 October 2015 | Özdem Sanberk
Global Security|Middle East|Turkey|Task Force