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Turkey’s Relations with NATO are Undergoing an Historic Trial

Growing tensions between Turkey and its allies, particularly the United States, is a growing source of concern. Is Turkey, once considered a staunch supporter of the Trans-Atlantic security community, drifting apart? ELN member and former Turkish Ambassador to the United Kingdom Ünal Çeviköz shares his views.

16 March 2018 | Ünal Çeviköz
Euro-Atlantic Security|EU|Middle East|NATO|Russia|Syria|Turkey
Media coverage

ELN Research Fellow Alice Billon-Galland in the Wall Street Journal

ELN Research Fellow Alice Billon-Galland talked to the Wall Street Journal about Europe’s industrial defence strategy. She reacted to the EU Commission’s recent opening of infringement procedures against five Member States for not applying EU rules on public procurement in defence and security markets. Read her full remarks here.

2 February 2018

The Next 100 Years: UK-Baltic Cooperation in Euro-Atlantic Security

In the context of the Baltic centenary, the ELN and the three Baltic Embassies in London are organising a discussion on “The Next 100 Years: UK-Baltic Cooperation in Euro-Atlantic Security."

30 January 2018
Euro-Atlantic Security|Baltic Sea|Baltics|Brexit|EU|NATO|United Kingdom