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Anna Clara Botto

Youth Voice in Emerging Climate Governance

Clara is currently a Youth Voice in Emerging Climate Governance at the Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative, looking at Solar Radiation Modification governance; a campaigner with World’s Youth for Climate Justice seeking an Advisory Opinion from the International Court of Justice on the climate crisis as a human rights issue; a member of UNECE’s Education for Sustainable Development platform and the newly appointed thematic focal point on Science-Policy from UNEP’s Major Group on Children and Youth. She holds an MSc in International Development and Public Policy, having written her thesis as a case study of deep-sea mining in Portugal. She has a BSc in Business with a focus on Creative Economy and Marketing, where she researched sustainable fashion and the universities’ lack of preparation to equip youth for sustainable development in Rio de Janeiro. She grew up in Brazil but is currently based in Europe. For the past seven years, she has been actively involved with youth organisations and international events as an environmentalist, directed short documentaries and tried to fight the climate crisis from inside Higher Education institutes. She’s passionate about global governance and is engaging with the governance of practices which lack regulation, such as solar radiation modification and deep sea mining to minimise socio-environmental damages