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Euro-Atlantic Security

This programme looks at the security environment in the Euro-Atlantic area, especially at the challenges connected with the deterioration of relations between Russia and the West. It analyses the consequences for national governments, the EU, NATO and the OSCE and offers recommendations on future policy.

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Russia and the West: Why talk still matters

Blinken and Lavrov’s meeting in Geneva today is the latest in a series of meetings between Russian and various transatlantic and European actors over the past two weeks. While there has been no breakthrough, Wilfred Wan writes that these talks should be seen as a modest but necessary step in the right direction.

21 January 2022 | Wilfred Wan

Task Force on Greater Cooperation in Europe

The Task Force, a select group of senior statesmen and women drawn from the key states of greater Europe, brings forward proposals to allow all countries of the region to decisively break with the costly legacy of the Cold War and focus more effectively on meeting the emerging political, economic, and security challenges of the 21st century.

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