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What Next for the Iran Nuclear Deal?

Ambassador Carlo Trezza argues that certification of Iranian compliance is a multilateral decision and that the United States should not place domestic electoral calculations ahead of global security.

18 October 2017 | Carlo Trezza
Global Security|Iran|JCPOA|Nuclear Arms Control

The Nuclear Ban treaty: a Qualified success

Italy’s former Ambassador for Disarmament and Non Proliferation analyses the July 2017 Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

11 July 2017 | Carlo Trezza
Global Security|Arms Control|Nuclear Arms Control|Nuclear Disarmament|United Nations

US-Europe Security: Trump’s Nuclear Agenda

Ambassador Carlo Trezza, Senior Adviser of the Italian Institute for International Affairs and Coordinator of the Italian ELN group, argues that President Trump’s “top of the pack” approach to nuclear weapons establishes the premises for a new nuclear arms race, and discusses what the EU response should be.

15 March 2017 | Carlo Trezza
Global Security|NATO|Nuclear Arms Control|Nuclear Weapons|Transatlantic relations

President Trump, Europe and the Iran Deal

Ambassador Carlo Trezza argues that EU leaders must continue to support and implement the Iran deal and strongly encourage the incoming US Administration to do the same.

8 December 2016 | Carlo Trezza
Global Security|Iran|JCPOA|Nuclear Arms Control|United States