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Media coverage

Alice Billon-Galland quoted on the front page of De Volkskrant

ELN Policy Fellow Alice Billon-Galland gave an interview to the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant about a possible European military operation in the Strait of Hormuz. See below the article on the front page of De Volkskrant.   Read a translated excerpt of the article below: Last...

20 August 2019
European Defence|EU|Europe|JCPOA|Transatlantic relations|YGLN
Media coverage

Adam Thomson on US-Russia confrontation

ELN Director, Sir Adam Thomson quoted in the UK’s Telegraph on the implications of the demise of the INF Treaty.

5 August 2019
Arms Control|INF|Transatlantic relations
Group statement

The US and the Iran Nuclear Deal: Rejoining Is Wiser than Destroying

European think tank directors and founders from Rome to Riga issue a joint call to the US to reconsider its approach to the Iran nuclear deal.

8 May 2019
Global Security|International Law|Iran|JCPOA|Middle East|NPT|Nuclear Security|Nuclear Weapons|Security|Transatlantic relations|WMDs|Iran