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Policy brief

Safeguarding the Iran Nuclear Deal: A Blueprint for Europe

As the future of the Iran nuclear deal looks increasingly uncertain, ELN Policy Fellow Axel Hellman argues that European policymakers should leverage the value of the transatlantic partnership to influence US decision-making and demonstrate Europe’s commitment to the deal while laying the technical and political groundwork to challenge the snapback of US sanctions.

6 April 2018 | Axel Hellman
Global Security|Diplomacy|Economy|EU|Europe|Foreign policy|Iran|JCPOA|Middle East|Nuclear Arms Control|Transatlantic relations|United States
Policy brief

The US, Europe and the Iran nuclear deal: is there a sweet spot?

Will President Trump torpedo the JCPOA or can European negotiators find a way through? Sir Simon Gass sets out a possible diplomatic sweet spot for the current US-Europe negotiations that might meet US concerns, yet keep Iran and the other parties to the deal on board.

9 March 2018 | Simon Gass
Global Security|Europe|Iran|JCPOA|Nuclear Arms Control|Nuclear Weapons|Security|United States
Case study

Support for the Iran nuclear deal

The ELN has been committed to working to preserve the Iran nuclear deal through its analysis, advocacy and mobilising its senior pan-European network.

15 February 2018
Global Security|Iran|JCPOA|ELN

Senior ELN delegation in Washington D.C. to discuss Iran nuclear deal

In early January 2018, the ELN took a senior non-governmental European delegation to Washington D.C. at a crucial moment in US decision-making over the JCPOA. It has produced a report of the visit which sets out the delegation’s main arguments and reflects on the results.

22 January 2018 | Adam Thomson and Denitsa Raynova
Global Security|Iran|JCPOA|Nuclear Arms Control|Nuclear Weapons|United States