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Policy brief

Together and apart: A Russian perspective of Europe

In Europe but not European, Dr Sergey Utkin examines how Russia’s unique geography has shaped its policies and relationship with ‘political Europe’.

6 June 2019 | Sergey Utkin
Euro-Atlantic Security|Diplomacy|EU|Eurasian Economic Union|Europe|Foreign policy|NATO|Russia|Russia-West Relations
Policy brief

The Eurasian Economic Union: a bridge to nowhere?

ELN Researcher Joseph Dobbs argues that the Ukraine crisis has seriously weakened the Eurasian Economic Union. Externally, China is unlikely to be a steadfast supporter, and the European Union must not engage until there has been a satisfactory resolution to the Ukraine crisis.

4 March 2015 | Joseph Dobbs
Euro-Atlantic Security|Economy|EU|Eurasian Economic Union|Russia|Russia-West Relations|Ukraine