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Policy brief

The demise of the INF Treaty: What are the consequences for NATO

Drawing on their experience of working at NATO, Senior Associate Fellows Nicholas Williams and Simon Lunn explore parallels in the debate between the 1979 Dual Track decision and the current situation.

11 February 2019 | Simon Lunn and Nicholas Williams
Global Security|Conventional Arms Control|Defence|Deterrence|Europe|NATO|Nuclear Arms Control|Nuclear Disarmament|Nuclear Security|Risk Reduction|Russia-West Relations|Security|Transatlantic relations

Bosnia and the EU: Time to end Operation Althea

ELN Senior Associate Fellow Nicholas Williams argues that, even if the EU’s military function in Bosnia has evolved from a deterrent to a reassurance role, the military presence could at some stage become an obstacle to progress towards EU membership.

30 April 2018 | Nicholas Williams
European Defence|Balkans|EU

NATO-EU Cooperation: Don’t Forget Berlin Plus!

Despite the latest show of EU-NATO burgeoning collaboration, the Berlin Plus agreement has seemingly been quietly forgotten. Now is the time to recall the benefits of the only framework for NATO-EU operational cooperation in a crisis.

26 March 2018 | Nicholas Williams
European Defence|EU|NATO