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Could establishing Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) systems for nuclear security in the EU improve existential risk resilience?

Nicholas Moulios, from the ELN’s New European Voices on Existential Risk (NEVER) Network, has written the ELN’s first commentary as part of this project. He explores the capabilities of OSINT systems for assessing and mitigating potential nuclear disasters, and how these emerging technologies can be harnessed to improve existential risk resilience in Europe and beyond.

1 August 2023 | Nicholas Moulios

Katie Duffy

Katie Duffy graduated from Dublin City University in 2021 with a Master's degree in Climate Change: Policy, Media and Society. Prior to this, she also completed a Bachelor's degree in International Relations. Since graduation, Katie has been working in the private sector on climate change...


Kayla Lucero-Matteucci

Kayla Lucero-Matteucci works jointly for Cambridge’s Center for the Study of Existential Risk and Leverhulme Center on the Future of Intelligence (CFI), with primary research interests in climate change, energy systems, and artificial intelligence. As a 2021 Marshall Scholar, she completed...


Alexander Cook

Alexander Cook is a young professional passionate about international security and foreign policy. He has a Bachelor's degree from King's College London in Classics and a dual degree Master's from Sciences Po (International Security) and KCL (Politics and Economics of the Middle East. His career...


Anton Witchell-Chibber

Anton Witchell-Chibber is a researcher at the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC) in Shrivenham. Prior to this position, he has worked in several analytical, operational, and research roles: as a data officer for NATO Defense College in Rome, as a...


Eva Siegmann

Eva Siegmann is a Political Scientist currently pursuing a Master's degree in Security Studies with a concentration in Technology and Security at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. She holds a Dual Bachelor's degree in social and political science from Sciences Po Paris and the Free...