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The EU and Iran: opportunities and risks

David Hannay argues that Europeans should treat Iran as a serious interlocutor and player, and not as a pre-ordained adversary.

10 February 2016 | David Hannay
Global Security|EU|Iran|JCPOA|Middle East|Nuclear Arms Control

P5+1 Diplomacy on Iran: Lessons for Syria

Tarja Cronberg argues that by better understanding what made the Iran nuclear negotiations successful the West can shape a more effective approach to the Syrian crisis.

6 November 2015 | Tarja Cronberg
Global Security|Diplomacy|JCPOA|Middle East|Syria

Syria: Putin’s Slippery Slope?

Janusz Onyszkiewicz outlines the many ways in which Russia’s intervention in Syria may not have as positive an outcome as Moscow might hope.

26 October 2015 | Janusz Onyszkiewicz
Global Security|Middle East|Russia|Syria

The Middle East Challenges: a Turkish perspective

Ozdem Sandberk outlines the many problems faced by Turkey in its Middle Eastern neighbourhood, arguing that in such a fragmented region a military solution in Syria is not viable.

23 October 2015 | Özdem Sanberk
Global Security|Middle East|Turkey|Task Force