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Policy brief

Impact of Sanctions on Russia: An Assessment

Ben Aris, Editor-in-Chief at Business New Europe, assesses the impact of sanctions and the West’s ability to force Russia’s hand in Ukraine.

25 June 2014 | Ben Aris
Euro-Atlantic Security|Economy|Russia|Russia-West Relations|Sanctions|Ukraine

After Sanctions: What Next?

Ian Kearns argues that the West needs a response to the crisis in Ukraine beyond sanctions. While we must avoid a military confrontation with Russia, the West must find a way to bring Putin to the negotiating table on terms that are acceptable for both sides.

24 March 2014 | Ian Kearns
Euro-Atlantic Security|Diplomacy|EU|Foreign policy|NATO|Russia|Russia-West Relations|Sanctions|Security|Ukraine

Germany’s Strategy towards an Intransigent Russia

Sylke Tempel argues that seen from Berlin, the crisis in Ukraine is not about Eastern Europe, but about Europe as a whole and despite much emphasis on what can be done in the short-term, Germany will be a more effective responder to Putin’s challenge in Ukraine if it pursues a clear long-term strategy.

12 March 2014 | Sylke Tempel
Euro-Atlantic Security|Eastern Europe|Energy|Europe|Foreign policy|Germany|Russia|Russia-West Relations|Sanctions|Security|Ukraine

How to Respond to Putin

Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP argues that Russia’s actions in Ukraine will have had serious implications for Ukraine, Europe and potentially global stability and the only way to stand up to Putin is through robust and targeted economic sanctions.

11 March 2014 | Malcolm Rifkind
Euro-Atlantic Security|Defence|Eastern Europe|Economy|EU|Russia-West Relations|Sanctions|Security|Ukraine