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What the West Can and Should Do For Ukraine

Ian Kearns, Steve Andreasen and Des Browne argue that short term efforts to arm Ukraine to the point where it can fight Russia will fail. What is needed now, they argue, is a strategy that ensures both Ukraine, and the system of international relations established in Europe in recent decades, can survive and prosper in the long-term.

18 February 2015 | Ian Kearns, Steve Andreasen and Des Browne
Euro-Atlantic Security|Europe|Russia|Russia-West Relations|Security|Ukraine

The Ukraine Crisis and the Russian Economy

The combination of Western sanctions and an oil price collapse has inflicted a great deal of pain on the Russian economy but the latest opinion polls still show 85 per cent support for Putin and there is debate over just how much of an economic collapse Russian may be facing. In this context,...

13 February 2015 | Ben Aris and Chris Weafer
Euro-Atlantic Security|Economy|Energy|Russia|Sanctions|Ukraine

Summitry cannot resolve the Russia-West crisis

Samuel Charap, Senior Fellow for Russia and Eurasia at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, argues that unless Russia or the West makes fundamental policy changes, summits wont solve the Ukraine crisis.

15 January 2015 | Samuel Charap
Euro-Atlantic Security|Diplomacy|Europe|Russia|Russia-West Relations|Ukraine

Prospects of talks bleak, but alternatives more dangerous

Sergiy Galaka argues that whilst the Russian pressure on Ukraine makes the prospects of the dialogue process seem bleak, the alternative, a resumption of full scale fighting, is far worse.

15 January 2015 | Sergiy Galaka
Euro-Atlantic Security|Eastern Europe|Europe|Russia|Russia-West Relations|Security|Ukraine

Normandy talks will drag on into the spring, in vain

Ievgen Vorobiov argues that the divergence between domestic Ukrainian rhetoric and their negotiating stance may compromise the Ukrainian position in the Normandy format negotiations.

15 January 2015 | Ievgen Vorobiov
Euro-Atlantic Security|Diplomacy|Eastern Europe|Russia|Russia-West Relations|Ukraine