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The OSCE in Ukraine: “First Responder” or Last Resort?

Paul Fritch argues the case that despite its subtracters the OSCE mission to Ukraine has been an efficient and capable operator, restrained more by its mandate than by lack of ability.

17 April 2015 | Paul Fritch
Euro-Atlantic Security|Eastern Europe|OSCE|Russia-West Relations|Ukraine

The Impact of Sanctions on Russian policy

Sergei Guriev, former Rector of the New Economic School in Moscow, argues that the “sanctions have not worked” argument is incorrect arguing that they have resulted in Russia’s recognition that Donetsk and Luhansk are part of Ukraine.

9 April 2015 | Sergei Guriev
Euro-Atlantic Security|Russia|Russia-West Relations|Sanctions|Ukraine

New Realities: The Ukrainian Approach to Transnistria

Thomas Frear analyses the Ukrainian-Transnistrian relationship in light of Ukraine’s conflict with Russia, arguing that the functional interaction between Kiev and Tiraspol belies a much needed diplomatic nuance on the part of the new Ukrainian regime.

24 March 2015 | Thomas Frear
Euro-Atlantic Security|EU|OSCE|Risk Reduction|Russia|Transnistria|Ukraine