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Sir Adam Thomson makes presentation on nuclear arms control in Helsinki

As part of the FIIA-led research project, ‘New challenges for strategic deterrence in the 21st century’, part of the implementation of the Finish Government Plan for Analysis, Assessment and Research for 2018, Sir Adam Thomson speaks to an audience on nuclear arms control.

9 April 2019
Global Security|Deterrence|NPT|Nuclear Arms Control|Nuclear Disarmament|Nuclear Security|Nuclear Weapons|Risk Reduction|WMDs
Media coverage

“Renaissance” of Chemical Weapons?

Lukasz Kulesa’s commentary on the return of chemical weapons was published in Polish Diplomatic Review.

16 July 2018
Global Security|Arms Control|WMDs

On the road to nowhere? New proposals on the Middle East WMD-free zone may backfire

Harvard’s Martin Malin outlines the successes and failures of one of the NPT’s ongoing dramas, the efforts to establish a WMD Free-Zone in the Middle East. Malin argues that abandoning these efforts would be a gift to the region’s nuclear hardliners.

11 May 2015 | Martin Malin
Global Security|Middle East|NPT|Nuclear Arms Control|Nuclear Disarmament|Nuclear Weapons|Security|WMDs