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The Fight Against Nuclear Terrorism

Bernard Norlain, Lord Owen, Sir Malcolm Rifkind and Paul Quiles argue that as long as the threat of nuclear terrorism exists, the effort to secure and reduce weapons usable nuclear and radiological materials must continue.

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The Risk of a New Cold War

Former UK Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind & former Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov discuss the potential for military escalation in the Ukraine crisis.

5 August 2014 | Malcolm Rifkind and Igor Ivanov
Euro-Atlantic Security|EU|Europe|NATO|Risk Reduction|Russia|Russia-West Relations|Ukraine|Task Force

The 85%

Ahead of the Nuclear Security Summit in the Hague, five UK and French members of the ELN , all former ministers or senior military officials, point out that we have no way of knowing whether 85% of the world’s nuclear material stockpiles are in fact secure.

Global Security|Defence|Nuclear Arms Control|Nuclear Disarmament|Nuclear Security|Nuclear Weapons|Security|Terrorism

How to Respond to Putin

Sir Malcolm Rifkind MP argues that Russia’s actions in Ukraine will have had serious implications for Ukraine, Europe and potentially global stability and the only way to stand up to Putin is through robust and targeted economic sanctions.

11 March 2014 | Malcolm Rifkind
Euro-Atlantic Security|Defence|Eastern Europe|Economy|EU|Russia-West Relations|Sanctions|Security|Ukraine