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Helping a European Germany to Lead

The ELN’s Director, Dr Ian Kearns, argues that it is the duty of the whole of Europe – not just Germany – to shape the response to crises in Greece and Ukraine.

7 August 2015 | Ian Kearns
European Defence|EU|Europe|Germany

Germany’s Strategy towards an Intransigent Russia

Sylke Tempel argues that seen from Berlin, the crisis in Ukraine is not about Eastern Europe, but about Europe as a whole and despite much emphasis on what can be done in the short-term, Germany will be a more effective responder to Putin’s challenge in Ukraine if it pursues a clear long-term strategy.

12 March 2014 | Sylke Tempel
Euro-Atlantic Security|Eastern Europe|Energy|Europe|Foreign policy|Germany|Russia|Russia-West Relations|Sanctions|Security|Ukraine